Joanne Chan

Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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thanks for the birthday week!
Tuesday, 3 July 2012 | 0 comments
if i had small eyes.. HAHA xd

it's exactly one week since i turned 20!!!
i'm finally 20... holy macaroni! and i feel like i haven't achieved anything yet, but not to worry.. going to write up a list of things to do before i'm 30 and hopefully earn them one by one!!
there's many things in the far distance that i wanna complete such as purchasing an investment property, so i can possibly pay for ALL my parent's expenses, and leave them in riches and run away from being povo ever since i can remember.
Not that i mind. because i believe there's always two sides to things, and it's how your mind perceives it. For example, being poor, one can weep forever and sook and never move forward, or one can decide to see it as a checkpoint to run away from. It's like a goal, or opportunity to see the strength within yourself. HEEHE i'm gay.
I'm twenty now, and i know i say this every year, but i really hope i just become somebody that's dependable, reliable, trustworthy, peaceful, calm and i just want to grow stronger because life is probably going to become even more difficult from here onwards.
oh well!
anyways, my birthday was filled with lots of love from family, friends and the one and only, gay ass boyfriend HEHEHE
i shouted my family + bf + leanns bf to a family buffet at bankstown rsl. LOL everyone got owned!
i liked my birthday cake and i wish i could have finished it!! it was a princess request to my mother for an icecream cake and finally i got one!!! I was so disappointed last year coz she bought me some stupid asian taro cake XD but i still love her!!
hehehe my amazing boyfriend bought me this ipod nano, and i've been going out for runs for it! It's so goood, i feel on top of the world after an amazing run. It's not just to lose weight, or become thin, or anything.. but it's more like, it eases my mind when i get to see the beautiful world that i'm living in and the amazing sun that shines on my beautiful skin HAHAH jokes, but yeh the amazing sun, beautiful trees that i've forgotten to visit ever since growing up.
I used to go bike riding with my family at cooks river, and it used to be amazing!! :)
with the crew (yayan, silvia, winnie + taren) we had a hotel night at rydges!! hehe oooh i still owe yayan 30 bucks!! but it was a mad night :D hehe silly girls.. they probably don't realise how much i love them even thought i keep dogging and have no time for anything! :( i hope they forgive me! hehe it was a fun night, lots of laughter, talk, small drinks, sleep!!
with the bfs family, we went to eat pekign duck, his momyy is so sweeet :D buying this cute cake for me ^^ and we took photos together, it felt really warm~
with the bf, we went to hurricanes and the star,
i think it was one of the best outings ever together with lots of laughter and mocking people around us, starbucks and food haha
fatasses but i love him ^^
i'm starting to accept, love, and live my life abit more.
and trying to take negatives as opportunitties :)