Joanne Chan

Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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Saturday, 28 April 2012 | 0 comments
hehe worked my second last shift of this week!! gotta tank up & be rich.
so sad, i was telling my mum how my payslip says im supposed to have 12k in my bank account, and i'm not even HALF of that.
next year, i'm gonna allocate a specific amount, so i can have at least HALF of the money that i work my ass for.
i really like going to work.
especially when there's fun people to work with.
i like talking to customers
i like trying to understand a few people better.
i like this one old man, hes so cute. Hes so lively! hes like walking with those walking thingies that old people walk with, but he's still so lively.
and he told me i was a "good lassie" today in that cute australian accent of his!
his name is Pat. he asked me for my name! because i always see him! :)
hes so cute.
i love old people.
so much history behind them!!
hehe he always eats subway for dinner.
and he lied to me about going to have a swim in maroubra.
i wanna ask about his wife!
ive never seen her before!!!
hmm, he used to be an army troop guy! and he told me he fought in HK! so coool!!
and says "tsim tsa tsui"
so cute!
he says he likes to drink beer.
gaaah so cute! <3
its customers like these, and the cute little kids that you smile to, that makes you feel hapy hap happpy! :)
away from the stress, anger, negativity i sometimes get outside of work!!