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i got lazy.
Sunday, 9 February 2014 | 0 comments
I believe this is the first post for 2014. Haha i'm such a lazy ning-nong. Anyways, i believe my trip to korea deserves a blog because.. I just can't forget it! I think nearly every day since my friend uploaded her photos into the dropbox group, i have had a look at them.
It's hilarious because i've been craving korean ever since coming back, but when i was in korea, i was so sick of korean food and soups and whatnot! haha
But yes, i think this has been one of the best trips i've ever been on! (not that i have been on many).. It was my first ever self-funded trip, and my first ever trip with friends.. and it turned out to be so amazing. Unfortunately another best friend could not attend due to visa issues, but i'm pretty sure later in this year, or in the forthcoming years, there are many trips waiting for us! :) I think i want to conquer Asia first.. haha Japan next stop please!
So we arrived to the airport on a Friday night around 6pm? It was freezing! But the flight and getting our luggages were very smooth, and shortly after we collected our luggage, exchanged our monies, we met up with Taren who had arrived three hours or so before us. Afterwards, we went to GS25 ( a korean mart) to get our Seoul T-cards/travel cards, as well as a portable wi-fi internet which we called it "the egg" hahaha.
Blahblahblah, we took a bus to Hapjeong, got lost abit, struggled to find our guest house and my brave friend Silvia liu asked two strangers who were so kind and spent 1/2 hours of their precious time to google map/try and find our guest house. We were so silly because the guest house was right behind us. When we discovered that, the two nice gentelmen laughed shyly, and we all had a good laugh.. As cheesy as this sounds, it's pretty cool to share a laugh with complete strangers even though we both understood two different languages. We thanked them and proceeded to our Guest house.

As we walked into the Guesthouse, it was quite confusing because it was connected to a restaurant, but when we discovered it, we saw soooo many stairs.. To make matters worse, Yayan and Silvia inspected the guesthouse like those guard dogs on border security, they informed taren and i that the toilet stunk. HAHA but later on our trip, we came to enjoy our little cosy guesthouse. It's interesting, but on this trip, i learnt that the things that you may initially dislike or hate, could potentially become something that you miss. :)
So we settled in our Guesthouse, i think the first night we went to.. namdaemun ? no it might be dongdaemum, and we shopped our asses off untik 4:30am. It was so cool, there were so many malls in close proximity of themselves, huddled amongst a sea of night market stalls. It was a very tiring yet exciting night! I think most of us bought something that night, and tasted the delicious Odeng. haha
That was a cool/awesome night.

hmm, i can't really remember things in sequence, but i think the next awesome thing we went to was U-plex? We met up with Silvia's friend from Uni and she took us to eat ox-bone soup.

i said i would blog about korea, but i'll blog about it when i'm bothered. LOL
so ceeeeeebs.
i'll add some photos to make this post look abit more eventful/interesting/memorable.