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Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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Sunday, 11 November 2012 | 0 comments
hi everyone!
today is monday! and usually, i love mondays! Mondays have been straighout the only day i've been free from University and work! The thing is, this is going to all change in 2013 ! :( because uni class has automatically allocated a monday class! and my new free day should be thursday!
Today, i did absolutely nothing. I woke up, went to the gym, came home, watched dramas, and ate dinner, and went out for a walk! hehe pretty happy! :)
returning to the gym feels so good! I remember how last year i lost so much weight!!! Gotta get back into that mood! :) hehe
umm, i was so bored today, i felt like dyeing my hair! but i didn't find the right product i wanted, so i just had to let it slide!
this is really interesting!
Last week, i was really worried about a few things and there were quite alot of complications, which had led to some pretty bad sleep. I also had these recurring dreams of myself being chased. And all i could do was keep running and running.
i googled what that dream meant, and trusty google told me that when you dream you are being chased, you are actually anxious in reality. And it also tells you that you have not confronted full on with your problems, and also is the type to run away from your problems.
lol pretty interesting!!

Chase dreams are one of several common dream themes, stemming from feelings of anxiety in your waking life. Flee and flight is an instinctive response to a physical threat in the environment. In such dreams, the scenario often features you being pursued by an attacker, an animal, a monster or an unknown figure, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you. Consequently, you run, you hide or you try to outwit your pursuer. Your actions in the dream parallel how you would respond to pressure and cope with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life. Instead of confronting the situation, your dream indicates that you have a tendency to run away and avoid the issue. Ask yourself who is chasing you, so that you can gain a better understanding and insight on the source of your fears and anxieties.
It also tells me to ask my pursuer in the dream, why they are chasing me! lol but how do we control dreams anyways?! lol !! pretty interesting though! ahaha
i wish i could spend my 4 months like this! :P