Joanne Chan

Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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annual leave, waiting for calls, staying calm
Sunday, 25 November 2012 | 0 comments
Well i'm finally on leave for my first job, and is currently waiting for the second job to notify me for my first shift. Hopefully they call me soon so that i can actually sort out my other job! since it's an xmas casual job, i'm hopefully going to keep my second job. I don't know if thats the correct thing to do or not, but hopefully it is! ><.
Sometimes i feel really uneasy and unstable on things, but i'm just going to try and stay calm about things. I'm such a worrier sometimes, its reaaaly bad!
hehe with nothing to do, no university, no work, i feel so free! i went for a morning run and did some core work in the morning, and now its the afternoon of a november's day and i'm just lying in my soft bed, watching the blue skies through my window and listening to some pretty cool music! :)
haha.. ohhhhh feels like i'm living the life ahaha.