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Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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off time from work, uni & just chillin'!
Saturday, 5 May 2012 | 0 comments
i've been so stressed lately, i can tell the kilos piling up. But if i believe in myself, then i'm sure i can destroy those kilos! :) with awesome determination, confidence in myself and a positive mindset, i'm sure it can happen! :)
ehehe this post will be rather contradictive because i've been dining out lately and just been trying to enjoy life in general! I'm learning alot of new things, from both positive and negative happenings, and i feel so blessed that i can learn these things.
I really believe God has everything planned out!! haha i sound like a mad catholic, but his name must be mentioned! Even those times when i've been sinning like mad, its true that hes still by my side! :) looking over me. The troubles are put into my life because i believe God believes i can handle it! :)
I was contemplating whether on writing out my churchie post or not, but this blog is all for myself. It's a blog that i don't lie about my feelings at. It's a blog that i'm going to stay true to myself! :)
anyways gonna cut the crap and blog about my amazing week/start to the weekend!
hehe two days off work, yeh baby! :)
So on friday after uni, i spent it with mr k. hehe we sorta had a fight and had this pretty deep talk by the harbour bridge.. haha we're so gay! it was so cold.. then we headed out to pancakes on the rocks and we ate! he was so weaaaaak! haha so bad coz i could demolish more food than him!! xD noobcake! <3 hehe
then we went back to his place and just watched those funny jap shows x) so funny omg the hospital ones.. and the guy goes running around but falls into those boobie trap LOL. then this other guy who teases the others with his garter belt omg haha. so retarded!
hehe also picked up my starbucks mug from a really great friend, Natalia! i've never met somebody so kind!! <3 i want to thank her! I will remember her!! :) hehe
the mug is pretty! :) and now we have matching mugs hehe im so gay! anyways mr k. if you ever read this, my money is going low, so don't expect me to buy too many things for you this month! I'm saving up for a dream car!! saw a girl at uni drive to camden in her sexy lexus! so free.. haha i'll buy a lexus when i become an amazing town planner!

another awesome thing that happened today:
went to silvias at 6am! and her mum was so sweet! she full hugged me and was chatting to me! i can tell shes an amazing mother! :) hehe shes so so so cute!! anyways, stupid silvia crept back into bed, so i just shared the bed with her =P hehe. hmm.. after a while, we went to get yayan as well as winnie.
Then we headed to surry hills for a really yummy breakfast! omg the bill was crazy 84.70!!! i was so shocked!the things around surry are so expensive! but the way we dine and eat felt so classy-ish in a way. haha the food was mediocre to be honest, but the hotcakes was the yummiest!
had a soya cap! omg been so addicted to soya cap these days... must stop!!!
hm.. after breakfast, we headed down to the surry hills markets which happens once a month, on the first saturday each month! haha i picked up these shorts that i really liked, but didn't end up buying! Saw some pretty amazing fashionistas walk around!
hehe another amazing scene i saw on my no-baddie-for-once-in-my-life-on-a-saturday was this free book give away located next to the Surry Hills library. Haha people were like seagulls crowding around their free food! The girls and i were like seagulls as well! x) picking around the free books! scored mysrelf a total of 7 books! yay! it was fun opening those boxes like we were opening those parcels!!
hmm next stop after surry hills/breakfast was La Perouse!! haha so beautiful! it was such a fun and beautiful scene away from the hustle & bustle of the city!! finally we got out of Strathfield (our usual spot) and went far away! It was fun.. despite our incapability of waking up early enough for high tide for fishing, we still managed to have alot of fun chatting under the blue skies, white, marshmallow fluffy clouds, as the beautiful sea swayed back and forth kissing the rocks. HAHA i am so poetic YEH BABY! :D
It was so fun!!!!! We talked about problems in life, family, love, relationships and everything girls usually talk about.
What i love about these three girls is that i can have fun no matter what mood we're in. its so comfortable, amazing and i know that one day, these things would probably fade away! and therefore, i'd like to thank these three amazing girls. They've really made my life complete along with my family & my bf :)!!

the future is waiting for many awesome events for us to conquer girls :D but i hope our friendship NEVER fades away! we can grow so old and go tai chi in the park, play chess, walk our dogs, live and grow old together forever! :D hehe

Third stop was balmain/rozelle! haha we were getting hungry after running around pretending to be native american indians (LOL i got so carried away) and with the crazy hair flying around in the wind, and watching people take wedding photos!! hehe we headed down to balmain for Lunch and ate some pretty shit food which resulted in silvia and yayan buying fish and chips!
then omg
GOT MY ADRIANO ZUMBO CHERRY POPPED TODAY YEAH BABY!! man its such an amazing cake the V8! .... seriously, i don't usually say this but its TOTALLY WORTH THE CALORIES.
orgasmicccccccccccccccccccccccc :D LOL we all died spooning my slice of v8 cake with the "MMM" after stuffing that cake in our mouth and letting our taste buds have some sexy time with this cake.

HAHA it was so delicious! <3
hehe omg freaking winnie kept asking me times tables in the car xD it was pretty funny.
i remember everytime i was sleeping, id wake up to a bolt because silvia the noobass always brakes on her car. haha :D
loved today genuinely!