Joanne Chan

Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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just bought the lotto
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 | 0 comments

bought the lotto again.
i must stop. i've realised i've been buying the lotto nearly every week since two-three weeks ago! but i'm just trying out my pretty bad luck. Hehe, call me superstitious but my mum read to me the chinese horoscope that this year i'll be earning money through 'black' market. Not drugs or anything like that, but stupid stuff like lottos, gambling. So if you're wondering why i'm at the casino. this is probably why. Except, i havent gone to the casino in a long. long time.
I'll be honest with ya'all, but i'm so noob hehe.. i don't really know how to play at the casino other than random button bashes :D hehe.
If i win the lotto - which is 25 million (highly doubt it) I'm give half to my parents, and the other half for myself. I'd probably give leann maybe a million. If i feel like she deserves it MUAHAHAHA.
yes. that is all.
Then i'd probably buy a nice car, put some money into investing to re-create more money and create my own money making machine! yeeeeeeehaaaR!
talk about BIG dreams :D