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Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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Valentines 2013
Thursday, 14 February 2013 | 0 comments
Yesterday was Valentines Day of 2013, which also meant my first ever valentines, not alone! How amazing right?? After 20 years, i finally get to spend it with the one i love. You might think everything went smoothly, but ohoho there were quite a few lessons learnt. :P

But, first things first, i celebrated vday with two of my close friends (one is close close friend, and one is ok close ahaha, i think they know who's who) Anyhow, we decided to bake at Taren's house because apparently they didnt wanna be alone on Vday. Hmm, we bought Adriano Zumbo salted caramel macaron mix as well as red velvet cupcakes. Unfortunately our first attempt to bake was the failed macarons which we did follow the recipe, but the macaron shells did not pop up!
but the process was pretty fun! LOL my lazy dear friend Yayan decided to plop her arse down the massage chair and i was like "mannn getchyoassup girlfran" xD so funny though! We also played wii which was quite an intense arm workout! My arms still hurt so much from the stupid mario olympics game on wii. LOL we kept taren on because he kept winning and we made this rule about winners have to stay on and keep staying on! ahaha so funny! I would like to thank these two friends for providing me with such a fun day on valentines day and lots of love for them!! :D
But everything wasnt all sugary and sweet, i was abit bitter yesterday! E.g. parking in strathfield and not being able to park got me all worked up, as well as driving my mum home from Hospital got me all cranky that i actually let out to my friend Yayan, in a very unlady like manner (not that i am lady like in any shape or form), but i guess i really need to control my emotions man. Joanne chan, you're 20 years of age now, and if you cant handle a little bit of stress and let the ventilation out in a better form (e.g. bottling up the stress/anger and going for a run, or drawing, or something that replenishes the self in a better way), then i'm afraid you won't make it too far in life, with the future's stresses to come! So guess it was a good lesson!
Gonna suppress my anger and express it in a better form from now on! :)
p.s. sorry for stealing your photos yayan :P

Another bitter thing that happened on Valentines day was!! I got angry at my boyfriend for no reason! Coz he only gave me a rose! One rose, and i thought i didn't get a card, made me feel like he just put zero effort, and i was fully expressing my anger with my moodiness during dinner (apparently, from what he said) and he kept telling me "it's only because i only gave you one rose!!" and hes such a good actor. Kudos to that bitch!!!!! lied to meeeeee ><! So shameful! And he didn't dress up for dinner whereas i actually wore a dress, and planned to wear heels! so i was bagging him out about that! But yeah, he was annoying me ahaha... But omg, got back to my place, and i walked before him into my house, and he was lagging behind. Turned out he hid the rest of the gifts in his car boot, and suprised me when we got into my room.
-Ugly photo, but hehe we couldn't take good ones yesterday!

Lol, this totally links in with my previous conversation with Yayan. We were talking about how we never see the guys' sides of things, and how they feel and their effort that they put in. Omg, yayan our conversation totally jinxed my valentines daaaay. I felt like the most guiltiest bitch ever!!! lol he gave me a pandora charm+rose+dinner at outback+a really meaningful card! :P
felt so bad! but omg, so embarassing coz my mood lighted up immediately when he gifted me gifts!
Another thing i have to change is, never understimate or doubt people's love for you! I'd rather fall into the deep end and learn, than continuously doubting how much people love me. I don't know why, but i have crazy self esteem issues... i always feel "nah, i bet you he doesnt care" or "i bet you he doesn't love me" maybe because i always believe i'm not deserving? I dont know.. it's crazy!
but yes!! In the end, it was a happy night :) and i want to thank mr Derrick for being so sweet, even though i was a bitch!
the lesson learnt? Never be wanting more than you already need, and be grateful for everything! Because of my materialistic influences of Valentines day, i was not content with what i received, but little did i know how much time and effort he had put into purchasing the rose, and the inability for him to have time to change from his work clothes. At the end of the day, it wasn't the bracelet charm that i received that was most captivating, despite it being the most expensive, but really, that $15 dollar rose he bought from the florist. :)
Good lessons learned! Good night ! love chan!