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Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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thankyou friends!
Saturday, 27 October 2012 | 0 comments
Today, i went to this UNSW english trial test thing where i had to partake in their trial exams to test out their english exams organised by the institute of language.
argh! early start of the day was really bad, but towards the end of it, i was able to spend time with my bestest of the best friends! - harm yu, coz she was busy studying!
but still!!!!! argh the beginning was bad because i was being a dud and had lost mymulti ticket, gotten off the wrong bus stop, and thus had to walk back and forth to my destination!
hehe, met up with Silvia, and we trekked to this unknown randwick campus of our uni. LOL such loooooooong hours of tests, but for that 150 $ cheque that i will recieve, i will be happy!!
Such easy money! I'm thinking of saving it, but at the same time i want this necklace haha.. :P but i don't want to buy it for myself. But, i do indeed want it! soo i might just buy it and give myself a present!!!!! :P
umm! yeah, we thought we were going to late, but luckily we werent!! So the trial exams were really long and boring, but in my head all i could imagine was the 150 dollar cheque! I've never recieved a cheque before! :)
umm.. yeah. After the exams, we just sat on the back of the bus and had this hilarious talk about Love.
WARNING: CHEESINESS ALERT! so if youre gonna diss me, please DISCONTINUE your reading! :P
well.. yeaaaaah
So Silvia and I were just discussing about Love amongst relationships. What exactly is Love? How do you know you love that person for sure? is there such thing as love, or your mind just believes that you Love that person, and thus you THINK you love that person, but you don't? AHAH and we made this stupid joke about You think that's a bench, but it may not necessarily be a bench.
Lol JUST mind screws you up!
Hmm, we then met up with Lady Elise, caught up and had these really interesting musings about life in general. They really teach me alot. Even if we have different personalities, every time i talk to them, i feel as if i've got something off my chest.
They really are my bestest friends. I'm 100% confident in that. Even though we may not necessarily meet up often, i know that they are. (+ harm yu! who drove us home today! ) THEY'RE gonna be my future bridesmaids for sure!
Today, i learnt many things.
That life is not necessarily about dwelling within the depths of  complications, but more of testing and scraping the surfaces. It's about trialling experiences, understand and learning. It's about accepting and pacing yourself in a state of calmness.
We may not make the right choices, but at least we are true to ourselves, and within us.
I blog, not because i want people to read them, but because I want to publish things that are true within my heart. Things that i know that are one hundred percent the truth. Things that people cannot tackle and judge about.