Joanne Chan

Joanne Chan
22 years of age
positivity, kindness and courage lead to great things
female. australian born chinese. UNSW. planning
exercise, food, badminton, lazing around is my fave hobbies
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so i havent really been blogging!
Thursday, 6 September 2012 | 0 comments
im updating just coz lady elise asked me why i havent been blogging! I just totally neglected this blog because of my hectic schedule at work!! seriously.. it was mid sem break but man, i think i worked like a full timer!
anyways! im sitting here writing up notes for a mid sem for a subject i really dislike, and i believe i need to pass because i've failed this subject before!!
hmm, tonight i'm going to some dress up party for a friend's 21st! crrrraaazy how people are getting so old.. i often forget that people see me as a 20 year old, and i sometimes still think im in high school.. lol pretty bad coz i talk to higher management co workers like they're my teachers. :S
hmm.. i have a heavy load of work that needs to be completed for uni, and in two weeks or so, i'm flying off to adelaide for uni games! :) pretty excited!!!!!